Mr. Werth

The integration of technology into the curriculum and its use by the students and staff is a vital part of the school day. Students have access to computers throughout the school. No matter what computer the students have access to, they will have access to their files and have access to laser printers as well.

Here are the websites that students need access to on a regular basis. Click the link below to access the website:

Google Apps
Pearson Realize
Reflex Math
Spelling City
Think Central


Typing Resources:

Research shows that proper keyboarding practice involves frequent, daily practice of 20-30 minutes over a period of several weeks or months to master these skills. We do not have this time available during our instructional day. Research also shows that formalized keyboarding does not ensure success. Full keyboarding skills may not be needed as tools are getting smaller. Therefore, we have provided the links that are located under "Useful Links," as a resource for families who desire that their child learn this skill. Below, is a short description on the following links.

Dance Mat -  An introduction to typing for ages 7-11. Each of the four levels is divided into three stages to gradually build skills.  Level 1 introduces the home row.  This site uses Flash plug-in. Worksheets are available for each stage that can be printed and used offline with a typerwriter or computer.

Typing Web - A free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all skill levels. Typing Web also offers officially sanctioned typing and 10 Key certification.

Super Hyper Spider Typer - An advanced game that can be used for students who have already had typing instruction. This is a game to increase a student's speed once they have mastered the basics.