Safe and Cautious Driving on School Grounds

Please help keep children safe by following all signage on school grounds at all times, especially during arrival and dismissal when children are present. The pickup lines are the preferred method when picking up children from school during dismissal. The average time it takes to dismiss at the end of the day is about 8 to 10 minutes. If you need to park and meet your child, use only the main parking lot located off Pfingsten Road. Exit your vehicle, meet your child by the crossing supervisor between Doors A & B, and walk with your child back to the vehicle. Students are NOT allowed to walk through the parking lot without a parent/adult to accompany them during this time of day because small children may not be visible to drivers entering and leaving the parking lot.


Please spread the word to family and friends who live in the neighborhood and use Shabonee Trail as a thoroughfare.

  • Obey all traffic signs.

  • The speed limit on Shabonee property is 5 mph.

  • Stop at all stop signs. Yes, there are many for safety reasons.

  • Operating a vehicle while using a cell phone on school grounds is against the law.

  • Shabonee Trail is a one-way from Moon Hill Drive to Pfingsten Road