Transportation and Safety

Bus Service

The Board of Education approves a contract with a single bus company to serve the entire District 27 area during a school year. The contractual agreement is between the bus company and District 27. Rates are set annually by the Board of Education and billings are sent directly to parents along with their registration fees. Only those students whose parents have paid the bus fee may ride our school buses. Bus passes must be kept in student backpacks at all times.

Students may not ride any bus other than that to which they have been assigned. This means that children may not ride another bus for any reason, and are asked to arrange special transportation privately. The office should be notified in writing if such arrangements have been made.In the interest of safe and orderly transportation to and from school, the following bus rules have been established.

  1. All students must arrive at the designated bus stops on time. Time schedules will not permit the bus to wait at a stop for students who are late.
  2. While waiting at the scheduled stops, students must remain in the loading zone areas or on the sidewalk. Student should not stand or run into the street.
  3. When boarding the bus, students should proceed to an empty seat, filling the vehicle from the rear to front.
  4. All students must remain seated while the bus is in motion. Students are not allowed to change seats on the bus.
  5. At no time shall a student place any part of his or her body or throw any object out of an open window or in the bus aisle.
  6. Food or snacks may not be eaten on the bus.
  7. Conversation in a normal speaking voice is acceptable. Shouting, whistling, or fighting is not acceptable bus behavior. Such behavior is unsafe and will result in a disciplinary action.
  8. Students should obey all school rules on the bus.

The principal will be notified by the bus company if there are infractions of the above rules. Students will meet with the principal to discuss the discipline referral from the bus driver. The school principal has the authority to remove a
student from the bus for not following these rules.

If at any time your child’s normal transportation pattern is altered, please be sure the office has been contacted with a note or phone call prior to 2:30 p.m. If the office is not notified, your child will be required to use his/her standard transportation method to get home.

Children who have not signed up for regular bus transportation cannot ride the bus at any time.


Bicycles are considered as vehicles of transportation to and from school. The following rules, as well as all “Illinois Rules of the Road” are to be followed.

  1. A student is to ride his or her own bicycle. Upon arriving at the school grounds, bicycle riders are to dismount and walk their bicycles to the rack area. Bicycles are never ridden on school drives or walks on school days during times of student attendance.
  2. Bicycles are to be parked in the assigned area and locked to a rack as soon as students arrive at school.
  3. The bicycle area is off limits at all times except when students are parking or leaving with their bicycles.
  4. It is recommended that students lock their bicycles with a good cable and lock.
  5. Students are to obey all traffic signals.
  6. Students should never carry a passenger on their bicycles.
  7. It is recommended that students carry all books or parcels in a basket or in a backpack.
  8. Students are to ride their bicycles on the sidewalks to and from school at all times. Bicyclists always yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.
  9. Bike helmets are highly recommended.

Vehicular Routes for Parents

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Via Automobile

Stop at the crosswalks and the stop signs along Shabonee Trail. As a reminder, Shabonee Trail is a ONE-WAY from Moon Hill Drive to Pfingsten Road. For the safety of everyone, and in accordance with Illinois law, please refrain from using your cell phone while driving on school grounds. Your undivided attention should be on the safety of ALL our children.

Arrival (8:25 a.m. – 8:40 a.m.)

Third and fourth grade students will be dropped off at the activity entrance Door O on Shabonee Trail and report to the Gym where they will wait inside for the first bell to ring at 8:40 a.m.. Fifth grade students will be dropped off outside of the main entrance Door A on Pfingsten Road and report to the Flex Space where they will wait for the first bell to ring at 8:40 a.m..

Dismissal (3:15 p.m.)

THIRD AND FOURTH GRADE STUDENTS will be dismissed from DOOR P on Shabonee Trail. Vehicles should pull up as close to Door P as possible and wait in line along the sidewalk on Shabonee Trail for students to walk to the vehicle. Please do not pull around the line to the front or park along the North side of Shabonee Trail. Remain in your vehicle and students will load as vehicles pull up near Door P. Traffic cones indicate areas for pickup.

FIFTH GRADE STUDENTS will be dismissed from the main entrance Doors A & B. Vehicles will access the main entrance from Pfingsten Road only. Right turns from Shabonee Trail through the parking lot will NOT be allowed during dismissal. If using Shabonee Trail from Moon Hill, please exit on Pfingsten Road and reenter through the main driveway entrance. Students will wait on the sidewalk in front of the main entrance. Please remember to pull up as far as possible to promote the efficiency of our dismissal protocol.

School personnel will continue to be available to help supervise students during dismissal and to ensure parents follow safety rules during peak traffic times. Children are not allowed to cross over to the parking lot without a parent or guardian accompanying them.

Sibling Pick-Up

We realize that families have multiple children attending Shabonee School. We recommend that siblings meet one another at one location for dismissal.

Walking Routes

Throughout the school year, some students walk to and from school. Students should exercise extreme caution and cross heavily traveled intersections only where controlled by stop lights or crossing guards. On occasion, sidewalks may not be able to be cleared. Parents are asked to transport their children or make special travel arrangements with neighbors or classmates if they feel their child’s safety is or may be impaired due to inclement weather.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Northbrook School District 27 operates video monitoring systems for safety and security. With Board approval, the Superintendent or designee shall determine all locations where video cameras will be placed. Video cameras may be used to record activity in areas where individuals have no reasonable expectation of privacy. Cameras will be placed to monitor building exteriors and entrances. School buses are equipped with video cameras.