The school nurse assists in protecting and improving students’ health at each elementary school. District 27 health services are designed to serve the following purposes:

  1. To determine health status of individuals within the school community.
  2. To counsel students, parents, and staff personnel in health matters.
  3. To help prevent or control the spread of communicable diseases.
  4. To provide care for sick or injured students.
  5. To provide a vision and hearing screening program.
  6. To administer medications as directed by individual physicians.
  7. To help ensure updated health records and emergency contact forms.

Emergency Health Forms

The emergency health form is very important to the safety of all students at school. It serves as the school district’s primary source of information should an injury occur or a student become ill at school. The emergency health form is to be completed and returned to the nurse’s office before the child’s first day of school.

The health form serves as an annual health appraisal to inform school officials of health conditions, medications, and restrictions, if any.

Parents who will be out of town and who plan on the child staying with another adult should inform the school office and provide written communication regarding the names of the temporary guardians and additional emergency telephone numbers where they can be reached. It is very important that the school office be informed when addresses, phone numbers (home, cell or work) are changed or added.

Prescription Drugs - Medications

District 27 nurses and/or school personnel will administer medications to students at school only upon receipt of written instructions from the physician and the parents. The following guidelines for administering medications to students have been established.

  1. Written request from the parents, together with a letter from the physician indicating the need for medication during the school day, the type of illness, benefits of medication, side effect (if any), physician’s description of medicine, the pharmaceutical trade name, and the telephone number where the physician may be reached, must be filed with the school health office. Forms for this purpose are available in the office or online.

  2. Medication must be brought to the school in a container labeled by the pharmacy or the physician. The amount or dosage that is to be brought to the school at any one time shall never exceed two weeks.

  3. Medications such as aspirin, cough drops or syrup, ear, nose, or eye drops, or other medications not prescribed by a physician will not be permitted or administered at school.

  4. District 27 maintains the right to reject the administration of medicine, and shall under no circumstances assume liability for any act of omission in carrying out instructions of any physician.

Students who have medication in their possession, whether or not prescribed by a physician, and who have not notified their building principal or nurse are subject to discipline. Asthma inhalers and EpiPens are the exception; however, the regular physician’s form is to be completed and filed with the health office, just as with any other form of medication. For a complete copy of the medication policy please visit: