Academic Program

School District 27’s primary goals are to provide each student with learning opportunities in every academic area, and to develop individual interests so that students will continue their learning activities beyond the formal school setting.

The basic program for grades three, four and five includes reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, physical education, computer science, library and social-emotional skills.

Copies of curriculum guides and School Board policies are available for parental examination at the school and at the District Office. If you wish to examine such materials, please contact the principal, Mr. John Panozzo, at (847) 498-4970, ext. 4487 or the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Dr. Katherine Olson, at (847) 498-2610, ext. 5115.

Homework Guidelines

Homework is designed to help students acquire the important learning skills that develop independence and organization. Through the completion of regular homework, the students will also extend classroom-learning experiences. The student will develop their “homework habit” by actively using the Dolphin assignment notebook or by checking Canvas.

Homework at each grade level should build independence by being clear, relevant and appropriate to age/grade. Homework is a crucial link between home and school; therefore, teachers and parents need to communicate regularly about student homework. When students have trouble with an assignment, parents should contact the teacher either by phone, email, or by attaching a note to the challenging assignment.

Each classroom at each grade level is a unique learning environment, however, basic learning objectives and homework expectations should provide a consistent school experience for all children.

Your child’s teachers will review specific homework expectations during Curriculum Night.

Additional Homework Guidelines

  1. Homework over holidays – Homework is not assigned for completion over the District’s Thanksgiving, winter or spring breaks, or on the “District Holidays” indicated on the District calendar. If you observe a religious holiday other than these, please contact your child’s teacher so he/she knows not to assign homework that night.

  2. Homework on weekends – Teachers may assign the same amount of homework on weekends as they would on a school night.

  3. Group projects as homework – When group projects are assigned as homework, students will be given the option of completing the project independently.

  4. Late procedures for homework – Late procedures for homework are to be determined at the teacher’s discretion in keeping with the goal of student success.

  5. Homework for absences – All students will have the option of requesting homework on the first day of an absence due to illness if the parent perceives this to be in the best interest of their child, and if the request is made to the

  6. school secretary or classroom teacher by 8:30 a.m. Requests received after 8:30 a.m. will be honored on the following day.

  7. Homework during vacations – In the event that a student has planned an extended unexcused vacation, the parents may request homework prior to the beginning of the vacation. Teachers will provide this homework whenever possible. Upon returning from vacation the child will have the same number of days as he/she was absent, up to a maximum of five days, to complete overdue homework assignments. Test make-ups will be scheduled at the convenience of the teacher. It is not always possible to make up standardized tests.

  8. Canvas – The vast majority of home/school communication for third through fifth grades occurs on our District 27 website. Canvas is where information about the classroom can be found. This secure site allows those with login access to view information pertaining to the classroom such as news, pictures, curriculum content, etc. Parents will receive information about how to access Canvas from their child’s teachers.

Grading System

Students in grade three through five receive report cards three times each school year. In addition to the teacher’s comments, skill achievement is evaluated as follows “Meeting district expectations,” “Making progress, but not meeting district standards,” or “Not making expected progress toward meeting district expectations.”

Third and fourth-graders do not receive letter grades, however, fifth-graders do. The fifth grade grading system used is based on letter grades of A, B, C, D, and F for all subject areas.

Percentage ranges apply to each letter grade. Plus (+) or minus (-) grades are not given. The range of letter grade A through F applies to all levels of instruction and report academic achievement.

A = 100-90%
B = 89-80%
C = 79-70%
D = 69-60%
F = 59-1%
I = Incomplete. Missing work to be made up in a prescribed
period of time.