Food and Beverage Procedures

Note: I don't know if we'll have snack this year or not.

Children in grades three through five have a morning snack break. If they wish to do so, each child is responsible for bringing his or her own healthy snack. Only a fruit or vegetable snack will be allowed. Due to concerns over various food allergies or sensitivities children are not allowed to share snacks or lunches. Water bottles are the only beverage allowed in the classroom. Gum chewing is not allowed at Shabonee School at any time.

Lunch Room

Students are expected to remain at Shabonee during the lunch period unless prior arrangements have been made for them to leave school. Students are to report to the lunchroom immediately at the beginning of the lunch period with all items they will need. Classrooms are off limits to students during the lunch period unless students have permission from a teacher to spend the time with that teacher. Lunch is only to be eaten in the lunchroom.

Lunchtime is 45 minutes in length including recess. Children spend half the time in the lunchroom (20 minutes) and the other half of the time at recess (20 minutes) with a five minute transition between lunch and recess.

On occasion, parents bring a lunch to school for their children. We ask that sack lunches be brought and left on the lunch cart in the vestibule by the office. The school office will not accept food deliveries from restaurants in a child’s name. Please do not arrange food deliveries to the school for your child, as that delivery will be refused. Parents are not allowed to provide lunch for anyone other than their own child.

The school staff provides supervision during the lunch and recess period.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are special days at Shabonee School. We ask, however, that birthdays be celebrated with books. Edible treats are not allowed. Children may bring a book to share with the class or donate a birthday gift book to the classroom library. Each classroom teacher will share specific details with parents during the Curriculum Night in September.