October SWIM

October is bullying prevention month and Shabonee students will participate in several activities that promote bullying prevention, as well as engage in acts of kindness.

  • Bully Prevention Lessons: The month will kick off with an anti-bullying lesson on October 2 during physical education classes.
  • Buddy Bucks: Special dolpin dollars "buddy bucks" will be earned during the month of October by including others, using kind words, or by being a good friend. The "buddy bucks" will be designed by Shabonee students and our school wide goal is to earn 400 by the end of October.  When the goal is met, students will be acknowledged with a free sit lunch.
  • Acts of Kindness: In addition, students will have an opportunity to participate in chalk drawings on our sidewalks. Kind words and bully prevention statements will be promoted on the sidewalks around the school.
  • Unit Day:  A culminating spirit day activity will acknowledge "Unity Day" on October 25.  Students and staff will be encouraged to wear the color orange.
  • Buddy Zone: The children will also have an opportunity to learn about and utilize our new buddy zone, which is adjacent to the playground. Typically known as a buddy bench, our buddy zone will be a place for our students to find friends to play with at recess. I’ve included a short video segment that provides a nice overview of the buddy concept. Buddy Zone/Buddy Bench Video