Morning Arrival

The safety and wellbeing of our children is everyone’s responsibility and it’s imperative that we have cooperation from families during morning arrival in order to maintain a safe arrival process. Third and fourth grade students should be dropped off at the activity entrance (Door O) on Shabonee Trail and fifth grade students should be dropped off outside of the main entrance (Door A) between 8:25 and 8:40. A staff member is present at both entrances to greet and supervise children as they enter the building. If you have children in multiple grades, you may use one line that works best for your family.


If you or someone else drops off children by vehicle before school, please help us keep children safe while maintaining an efficient process.

  • Pull up along the sidewalk so that students may exit the vehicle and walk along the sidewalk to their designated entrance.

  • Wait in the vehicle line until it is safe for your child to exit. Do NOT park along Shabonee Trail and allow your child to cross over traffic. This puts children and other drivers in harm's way.

  • Please wait your turn in line. Do NOT pull around those who have been waiting.

  • While it’s important to keep the flow moving, it’s more important to maintain safety. If you need to check messages or make a phone call, please do so in a designated parking spot or off site so that others are not held up in the line.  


Parent cooperation, support, and patience are appreciated and necessary to benefit everyone.