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Shabonee Library News - May 2018

Time for Summer Reading!

It's almost time for summer and therefore it's almost time for lots of reading! There are so many reasons for Shabonee students to keep reading this summer. This newsletter will highlight some of our summer opportunities for reading, as well as some "sneak peeks" into next year.

3rd Grade Summer Reading Book

The summer reading book chosen by Shabonee 3rd Grade teachers is Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie by Julie Sternberg. Read more about the book and author Julie Sternberg on her website.

4th Grade Summer Reading Book

The summer reading book chosen by Shabonee 4th Grade teachers is The Thing About Georgie by Lisa Graff. Read more about the book and author Lisa Graff on her website.


5th Grade Summer Reading Book

The summer reading book chosen by Shabonee 5th Grade teachers is Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea. Read more about the book and author Rob Buyea on his website.

***This Summer Reading program is graciously funded by the Shabonee PTA.


"Take 2" Shabonee Library Books During the Summer

All current 3rd-5th grade students can check out two books this summer and keep them until the first month of school, as long as they do not have any outstanding books or fees. 3rd and 4th grade students will return books to Shabonee, and 5th grade students will return books to Wood Oaks.  

Click the link below for further information and the permission slip to check out two books for the summer.

Take 2 Permission Slip


Book Match at Shabonee!

Join Shabonee's Book Match team! Book Match is a recreational reading club that involves friendly competition and team work, as well as exposure to many great books across multiple genres and various reading levels. Starting in September 2018, interested 4th and 5th grade students can sign up for Book Match, which meets every Friday during lunch and recess from October to April. Students are asked to read at least 10 books from a list of 50. Students can get a head start and begin reading this summer! In addition to the Shabonee Library, all books are available at the Northbrook Public Library and The Book Bin.

Click here for the Book Match reading list.



Shabonee Library News - January 2018

Read to Succeed - due Feb 2nd

Please turn in your Read to Succeed 6-hour reading log to get a free ticket to Six Flags this summer! All forms are due back on Friday, February 2nd.

Chat & Chew Student/Parent Book Clubs!

Have you joined a Chat and Chew yet? There are two left this year: a 3rd grade Chat & Chew will take place on March 8th, and our second 5th grade Chat & Chew will take place on April 26th. The flyer for the 3rd grade Chat & Chew will be sent home on Friday, February 2nd, and we ask that all interested participants sign up by February 7th. If you have any questions about this program please contact the Shabonee Librarian, Ms. Parker ( or Shabonee’s Reading Coordinator, Mrs. Singer (

Internet Safety lessons have started!

All grades have started learning about the subject of digital citizenship and internet safety. It has been very impressive how much background knowledge students have already demonstrated as we discuss these topics! It’s apparent many students are already putting a good number of these skills into practice at home. The goal is for more teaching and review of these topics each year, so that Shabonee students will be fully ready and equipped to handle this rapidly growing and changing digital world!

***Favorite New Book in the Shabonee Library***

The First Rule of Punk by Celia C. Perez

A fun story about Malu, who creates cool zines (copied throughout the book - love it!), and has an obsession with punk music. After moving to the city of Chicago, Malu must find new friends, try to please her traditional Mexican mother who wants her to be more “senorita-like,” and not to be bothered too much by a mean girl at her new school. This book is full of cool art references and Mexican cultural descriptions. I loved this book!  

Race to the Bottom of the Sea by Lindsay Eagar

If you like exciting stories about pirate adventures, this is the story for you! Fidelia is a young inventor and after her parents are killed in a submarine accident, she is kidnapped by pirates to help find Captain Merick’s lost treasure. This story has some parts that are a little scary, but it was suspenseful and the characters were very interesting. The settings are wonderfully described by Eagar, so who makes the reader imagine what it is like to be at sea. Read it!

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Getting started with E books and

Audio books in Shabonee's Library

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Get the App - BryteWave K-12 Edition

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Internet Safety @ Shabonee School

Starting in January and continuing for 6 weeks, all students at Shabonee will be involved in lessons on Internet Safety through a program sponsored by Common Sense Media. The 5 lessons include:

Responsible communication

Digital Privacy


Effective Searching Online

Giving Credit for Other's Work.