The PTA and Eco Empowered Kids are teaming up to bring composting to both Hickory Point and Shabonee, from April 16 - May 9, in celebration of Earth Month. Mrs. Singer will be going into each classroom to teach about composting and explain the process both for backyard composting and commercial composting.


Students will then be collecting their food waste from both snacks and lunches and putting it into large composting bins in the lunchroom. Please note that your child does not need to bring anything different from what they usually bring for lunch or snack. If your child gets hot lunch, we will compost any post-lunch food waste also.


Composting is intended for uneaten bits and crumbs. Please help us achieve composting success by reminding your kids to eat their lunches and not throw full sandwiches or other whole lunch items into the compost bins! Students are eager to participate, but of course we want them to eat what they bring to school! You may find this an opportune time to check in with your students, to see if they are taking appropriately sized lunches to school for their appetites.


A commercial composting company will collect the food waste and bring it to a large compost facility. Students will learn the benefits of adding compost to gardens everywhere. Hopefully, some students and their families will want to begin composting in their own backyard! If you would like to learn more, check out the following websites and videos. Questions? Contact Laura Singer at