Chores for Cheers

In conjunction with our bully prevention and awareness month that encourages the SWIM theme of “kindness,” ShAb will be supporting the relief efforts of the American Red Cross to bring just a bit of cheer to struggling families whose lives were drastically changed by the recent hurricanes.


Perhaps your child or another family member have expressed an interest in lending support to give a helping hand to the families in need of assistance. This can be done by supporting ShAb’s “Chores for Cheers!” initiative. Please know that your participation is completely optional. Here’s how you and your children can easily make a difference in someone’s life... and also how you can support the relief effort by accomplishing a goal!  Your family makes a “family decision” together about a chore that your child will undertake. Perhaps they might make a bed for a week or clean the dinner dishes for several nights. Families will decide upon the chore and determine the amount the child will earn upon completion of their goal. Upon finishing their chore, the child can receive their “payment” which will, in turn, be their donation. The donation should be made by check, made out to the American Red Cross. Shab will send the donations to the American Red Cross in Washington, D.C.


Encourage your child to work towards their goal during the “ Chores for Cheers” week, October 16-20th. Then, no later than Monday, October 23rd, return the Chores for Cheers envelope and donation to your child’s AM teacher, with the information specified on the front of the envelope. Your child’s envelope will be part of a display at school the following week. Students in ShAB will be providing envelopes soon. ShAB and the American Red Cross thank you, and your family, in advance for your support, your work, your involvement, and your compassion!