Broadcast Club



Shabonee’s Broadcast Club


Monday meetings are the heart of the broadcast. This is when the broadcast is planned, information is gathered, scripts are written, and the entire program comes together for a trial run. The final production is taped on Wednesday during the lunch/recess period. Broadcast Club members will eat lunch in the Library on Wednesdays prior to the taping of the news program. The broadcast is usually viewed on Mondays at the start or end of school.

If your child is interested in joining the broadcast crew, please inform him/her that students on the broadcast crew must stay after school on Mondays from 3:15-4:15. Please do not sign up unless you can commit to picking your child up at this time. Students will also spend recess/lunch in the Library on Wednesdays.

We will be having 5 broadcast groups, each consisting of 5-week sessions. During each session, club members will participate in a training/teamwork meeting and 4 broadcast productions where he/she will be both on and off camera. It is imperative that students attend both meetings each week during the 5-week session.

Note: We are only able to accept a limited number of participants for each session. Participants will be accepted on a first come basis. A waitlist will be created in the event that accepted students are unable to meet participation requirements. Priority registration is granted to students in 5th grade, and those who have previously signed-up for Broadcast Club, but were placed on the waitlist.