Book Match

Book Match is an exciting new reading program at Shabonee School open to any interested 2017-18 4th or 5th grader. This program encourages teamwork, friendly competition, and the reading of some fabulous books across multiple genres and various reading levels. We will be meeting every Friday during lunch/recess from October through April.

Students who are interested in participating are encouraged to read 10 or more books from the Book Match reading list prior to April. (Click herefor the 2017-2018 list).

Students will officially sign up to be part of a team in September. They are welcome to begin reading books from the list this summer, or they can choose to begin reading in the fall.

All books are available at the Shabonee Library and the Northbrook Public Library or are available for purchase at the Book Bin.

Questions: Contact Ms. Parker, Shabonee Librarian (, or

Mrs. Singer, Reading Coordinator (