Library News

May 2022 NEWS:

Book Match 2022 is a wrap! All classes did such a great job, and already can't wait for next year! 

If you're thinking of getting a head start reading books from next year's list, you can find the list linked here

August 2021 NEWS:

BOOK MATCH -- 4th & 5th Grade List is here!

Book Match is an optional reading program for all students at Shabonee. Library classes are automatically considered "teams" (team names will be chosen before Winter Break.) Students will choose to read as many books from the list as they'd like.  

In April, classroom teams will compete in the tournament. Questions are based on the books from the list. An answer for a question will be the title of the book for 5 points, with an additional point earned for the last name of that book's author.

All books from the list are available in our school library! Books are also available at Northbrook Public Library. 

3rd grade Book Match list coming soon!

5th Grade - Battle of the Websites! 
Compare two history websites with your group and create a presentation to be shared with the class.

Click here for the document you will need.

3rd Grade - Exciting News!
Introducing Bluestem + Book Match! You will learn about this in library class this week.