Library News

Library News - January 2020

It’s time to learn about Internet Safety! All classrooms will be spending time in the next few months learning about how to stay safe on the Internet. Through interactive games both online and off, videos, drawing, and writing, Shabonee students are exploring topics such as sharing information online, creating strong passwords, cyberbullying, and how to ethically use materials found online.  It is our goal at Shabonee to make sure all of our students are prepared and ready to be “Super” Digital Citizens.

Library News - December 2019

In the Shabonee Library, we love to read stories. Stories from folklore (fairy tales, tall tales, myths, etc.) are some of our favorites. In 4th grade, students get to explore an introduction to greek mythology. These stories are full of adventure, magic, and sometimes tragedy. It’s also amazing to connect how stories we read today have been influenced by greek mythology (such as the books by Rick Riordan, or superhero graphic novels.) 

After researching a specific character from Greek mythology, students will take their research and create a collage inspired by that character, using art supplies.  

Library News - October 2019

This month, we have been getting ready to meet author K.A. Holt! 4th and 5th grade have been learning about two of Ms. Holt's books in particular: House Arrest and Red Moon Rising. Taking inspiration from House Arrest, we have written some free verse poems. Next, we thought about Holt's fascinating "space western" novel Red Moon Rising, and imagined a science fiction setting through a drawing activity.  3rd grade classes are getting a special treat through a read-aloud of the first chapter of Gnome-a-geddon, a silly and fun fantasy!

Another exciting development this month has been the "First Reader" program. Students can put their names in the running to be the "first reader" of our brand-new books in the library. Through a raffle drawing, students are chosen to be the first to check out the book, and to have a card taped on the inside first page with their name and some comments regarding their thoughts on the book. 


Library News - August 2019!

Welcome back to another exciting school year at the Shabonee Library! This year, students will have access to a collection of amazing books, participate in literary and research-based projects, enjoy an exciting author visit from K.A. Holt, and choose to take part in fun reading incentive programs throughout the year. Please check back to this website to find out news from our library!

Here is the latest news:

The first few weeks of library class time is devoted to learning how to best utilize our truly special library space. This includes understanding expected behaviors according to our school-wide SWIM guidelines to ensure all students are safe and have fun, and to identify ourselves as an active library patron at all times when we are in the library. Library check-out time, which is typically 15 minutes each week for each class, allows students to browse, check-out, and independently read at their own pace. The library has a “sorting system” (inspired by the “houses” from Harry Potter) to get students thinking about what they need to do on a particular library visit. If a student identifies herself as a “Hufflepuff,” she is seeking guidance from the librarians and teachers to find a good book. If a student identifies himself as a “Ravenclaw,” he would prefer to browse in the library independently, and likely has an idea of what he is looking for, including what section he will be browsing in. If a student identifies herself as a “Gryffindor,” she has successfully found a book, and is using library check-out time to read and enjoy the comfy reading spaces.  A student’s designated “house” can change from week to week.

This year, students can choose to participate in the “Dolphin Chomper Reading Challenge.” Students can collect “fish” on their game card by reading books in different genres and categories.  Students will be encouraged to read books from the state award nominee lists (Bluestem, Caudill, Monarch), as well as a book by our visiting author, a poetry book, and more.

By the way, our author visit this year will be from K.A. Holt! Ms. Holt is an author of many books, and has written in many different genres, including poetry, realistic fiction, science fiction, comedy, and fantasy. It will be interesting to hear how an author is able to write on such a variety of topics! Read more about Ms. Holt on her website: