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November 15th is Family Reading Night!

November 15th is an Illinois Family Reading Night sponsored by Jesse White, State Librarian. The district librarians are encouraging all District 27 families to read together sometime during this week. Click here to see a chart for some fun ways to get involved in reading. (Maybe you can even complete all of the activities by the end of the weekend!) Photos of families reading together will be displayed in the school libraries. If you would like to share a photo of your family reading, please email Ms. Parker, Shabonee school librarian (

October is the perfect month for mystery!

To get ready for our author visit, students have been thinking about the mystery genre, as well as becoming familiar with the book, Under Their Skin, by Haddix.

After brainstorming the “ingredients” we might put into a mystery-themed muffin, students went shopping at the Mystery Shop (previously known as the Dolphin Room), to see if they could find the ingredients to make a mystery. Students had to think about what kinds of clues and settings they might need, as well as what kind of atmospheric details they might want in order to make their mystery just right.

To help our understanding of what elements make up a mystery, we have also been reading a part of Under Their Skin, by Margaret Peterson Haddix. We are completely caught up in the story of twins Eryn and Nick, who are suspicious of the fact that their mother and new stepfather never want them to meet their step siblings, Ava and Jackson! Eryn and Nick won’t stop until they can figure out exactly what is going on, and we can’t stop reading to find out what happens next!

mystery shop


Author Visit News!

Have you heard about our upcoming author visit? Mystery and suspense author Margaret Peterson Haddix will be visiting Shabonee School on November 7th!

You can read about Margaret’s books on her website:

All library classes will be spending time learning about Margaret, as well as what makes a mystery book so especially fun to read! (And write!)

Margaret will be signing books the day of her visit! Students can bring in their own copies of her books, or they can order books through a school book order (supplied by The Book Bin.) The order form for Margaret’s books will go home with students in October.

We will also be holding a very special Chat & Chew “Author Visit” edition. On November 1st, 5th-grade students and an optional adult guest are invited to attend a book “Chat & Chew” during lunch and recess on that day. We will be discussing the book Running Out of Time, by Haddix. If you’d like to sign up to participate, you can turn in a permission form, or email Ms. Parker at, or Mrs. Singer at