Shabonee News

Upcoming Music Performance

The Fourth Grade Band, Orchestra, and Chorus concert will take place on Wednesday, May 25 at 2:15 for the school via livestream. The livestream information will also be available for families to view during the school day. A link will pop up on the Shabonee website to view the livestream at 2:15. 

The evening performance will take place at Wood Oaks Jr. High School at 7:00 PM in the big gym. Performers should wear their black District 27 music shirt, black pants or skirt, and black shoes. The evening performance will not be available via livestream. 

Audience Limits
The 7:00 PM performance will be limited to 2 family members per performer. Chairs on the floor will be arranged in pairs and spaced six feet apart. If sitting in the bleachers, please sit in pairs and maintain six feet of separation between other groups. It’s recommended that audience members remain masked when they are in the building. Younger siblings who are in attendance must remain seated and quiet during the performance.