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Homework and Requests during Student Absences

Requesting homework for absence due to illness: Parents/Students have the option of requesting homework during an absence due to illness if the parent perceives this to be in the best interest of their child, and if the request is made to the classroom teacher(s) before the start of the school day. It’s important to request homework as early in the day as possible so that the teachers can plan accordingly. Please understand that it may not be possible to get homework when requests come later in the day or due to other circumstances that require the teacher’s attention during the school day. Teachers will certainly make every effort to gather work when they can.

Homework is often intended to reinforce concepts taught at school. Now that academics are well underway for the school year, we want to ensure that our students have developed healthy routines for completing homework. Every child is different and there's no single approach that works for everyone. Some children benefit from taking a break after school before starting homework while others find it helpful to start immediately. Children at the third through fifth grade level are only developing and learning good study habits for the first time and often need adult guidance and support to be successful. This is more prevalent at fifth grade where studying is introduced in preparation for tests and quizzes, and where content moves beyond memorization of information and facts. Study skills are new for the children, especially as the process moves from memorization to application, and we anticipate the students will need both support and encouragement as they learn and develop habits that will remain with them throughout their education.

If you find that your child is frequently becoming frustrated, or taking too long to complete homework, please discuss this with his/her teacher at any time during the year. If your child is struggling on a specific part of an assignment, simply write a note or send an email to the teacher and let her know that the assignment was especially challenging. Working collaboratively with teachers will help ensure that our students are developing the knowledge and skills to achieve success with homework. Checking Canvas or your child’s assignment notebook to monitor homework are resources to help keep families informed about these assignments.

Several suggestions and strategies for developing healthy homework habits are included below:

  • Children can get overwhelmed easily, so help them break up the work into manageable segments on days where there may be more homework than usual. Long-term assignments are more common in fifth grade. Teachers at this level help their students understand how to manage these assignments. Parental help at home is valuable in the process as the children develop these skills for the first time.
  • Establish a routine that works for your family and your child for completing homework.
  • Use a timer with homework completion to help your child with time management skills.
  • Take a short break between school and homework or between subjects.
  • Work in a quiet location free of distractions.
  • Start with the easiest homework first to help your child feel successful and then tackle difficult subjects. However, avoid leaving the difficult subjects to complete too late in the evening.
  • Be a cheerleader for your child. Positive reinforcement and encouragement go a long way.
  • Communicate with your teachers if homework becomes frustrating.