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Book Fair Spirit Days

Date: Spirit Day; Ideas for the day (These ideas are suggested to be super simple, yet fun!)

  • November 4: Happy Potter; Harry Potter themed clothing, wizard’s cape, round dark-rimmed glasses, lightning bolt on your forehead, colors of your favorite Hogwarts house
  • November 5: Sports Theme; Team t-shirts, baseball caps, jerseys, sporty clothing
  • November 6: Kate DiCamillo Day; Animal print clothing, animal ears (easy to make), t-shirts with animals, OR dress “bookish”
  • November 9: Fairy Tales; Fancy dress or suit (if you want to dress up as a princess or prince), witch hats, dragon attire, red hoodie, fairy wings, carry around a homemade magic wand, grandma stuff (granny glasses, hair in a bun with or without baking powder)
  • November 10: Poetry Day; Poem in your pocket and dress like a poet. Copy your favorite poetry/lines of poetry or write your own! Huge ruffle neck shirts and fountain pens could be cute too.
  • November 11: Babysitters Club & The Hobbit; Dress up as a babysitter or as a Tolkien character from any of the books, carry something to “babysit” or fantasy creatures - dragons, capes, beards, fairies.
  • November 12: The Warriors Series, Cat Day; Cat ears, shirts, photos of pets (especially cats)