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Arrival/Dismissal Procedures


The first bell rings at 8:40 AM. Morning supervision will be available daily between 8:25 and 8:40, and dismissal will be at 3:15. Do NOT drop off children prior to 8:25 as the staff is not present to supervise, and children will not have access to the building. Children may not wait in the office. 

Students will be issued ID cards this year during the first day of in-person learning. These cards will be used as a bus pass and for entrance to school each day. Children will scan their ID each day prior to entering the building. This scan will let us know if parents have completed the child's self-certification form being Covid-19 symptom-free. This will need to be done through the parent portal each day before the student arrives on campus. Even though the self-certification contains a question about the student being fever-free, we will perform an additional temperature screening at the building entrances where a staff member will be present to monitor students. 

Third and fourth grade students will be dropped off on Shabonee Trail between Doors N and O. Children in grade 3 will enter at Door N. Children in grade 4 will enter at Door O. Fifth grade students will be dropped off outside of the main entrance and enter through Door A. Staff will be present at the designated entrances to greet the students. Upon entry, the children will move to locations in the hallways located near their classrooms, where they will maintain six-foot physical distancing while waiting for the first bell at 8:40. Markings have been placed on the floors for students to wait. If you have children at multiple grade levels, the entrances are located nearby so that the child will use their assigned entrance. This ensures that hallway patterns are followed too. 

Children that arrive via the school bus will be directed by staff and will follow the same process for entry to school. 


Teachers will implement a staggered dismissal process beginning at 3:15 to limit the number of students in the hallway. Teachers will walk their children to their going home locations. 

THIRD AND FOURTH GRADE STUDENTS will be dismissed on Shabonee Trail from DOOR N (Grade 3) or Door O Grade 4. Vehicles should pull up as close to Door O as possible and wait in line along the sidewalk on Shabonee Trail for students to walk to the vehicle. Please do not pull around the line to the front or park along the north side of Shabonee Trail. Remain in your vehicle, and students will load as vehicles pull up. Traffic cones indicate areas for pick-up. Please use caution at all times. 

FIFTH GRADE STUDENTS will be dismissed from the main entrance Doors A & B. Vehicles will access the main entrance from Pfingsten Road only. Right turns from Shabonee Trail through the parking lot will NOT be allowed during dismissal. If using Shabonee Trail from Moon Hill, please exit on Pfingsten Road and re-enter through the main driveway entrance. Students will wait on the sidewalk in front of the main entrance. Please remember to pull up as far as possible to promote the efficiency of our dismissal protocol. 

Sibling Pick-Up: We realize that families have multiple children attending Shabonee School. We recommend that siblings meet together at one of the dismissal locations, preferably at the location with the youngest child. 

Using the pick-up line is the preferred method for parental pick-up. Should parents need to park, do so in the east parking lot located off of Pfingsten Rd, exit your vehicle, and meet your child on the sidewalk. Children are not allowed to cross over to the parking lot without a parent or guardian accompanying them. This is for the safety of the children. School personnel will continue to be available to help supervise students during dismissal and ensure that parents follow safety rules during peak traffic times. Please drive cautiously!