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Mystery and suspense author Margaret Peterson Haddix will be visiting Shabonee School on Wednesday, November 7th!  Haddix will be presenting about her work and process as a professional writer. Read more about Haddix on her website,

Haddix will be signing her books on the day of the visit. Students are welcome to bring in their own copies of books by Haddix to be signed, or her books can be ordered through The Book Bin by using this order form.  Orders are due on Wednesday, October 17th.


To help with your planning for those children that choose to participate, please refer to the letter that children brought home this week for complete details about this special day. Children will be allowed to wear costumes to school. However, the success of this day is contingent upon parental cooperation and we rely on your support to keep this day focused on academics while still having some fun.  

Some things to consider when planning your child's costume for school:

  • Costumes must abide by our school dress code.
  • Costumes should not limit vision or interfere with instruction and learning. This includes face masks that may only be worn during the parade and classroom party.
  • Choose a costume that your child can take on and off (for bathroom purposes, lunch, Physical Education, etc.) on their own without help.
  • Limit the amount of make-up, hair spray, etc. that the children will have to wear all day.  Children will NOT be allowed to "touch-up" during the school day so please save these extras for events after school.  
  • Weapons of any kind (real or fake) are not allowed in school.
  • Costumes promoting violent themes are not allowed in school.
  • Rollerblades or skates are not permitted.
  • Food should not be part of the costume or classroom celebration.
  • Group costumes should not be worn at school as they promote exclusion of other students. This is one area where we really need parental support to make this a positive experience for everyone. Without the support of parents, the concept of dressing up for school is in jeopardy.
October is bullying prevention month!

October is bullying prevention month and Shabonee students will participate in several activities aligned with this theme, as well as engage in acts of kindness.

  • Bully Prevention and Awareness: The first of three bully prevention lessons will take place during physical education classes.
  • Special Dolphin Dollars will be earned during the month of October by including others, using kind words, or by being a good friend.
  • Acts of Kindness: Children will have an opportunity to participate in chalk drawings on our sidewalks. Kind words and bully prevention statements will be promoted on the sidewalks around the school.
  • Students will create a bullying prevention quilt to be displayed in the hallway.
  • In classrooms, students will participate in an activity titled, "Every Step You Take."  They will make individualized footprints to provide students with an opportunity to reflect on the steps they can take to create a world without bullying. This activity is designed to help children recognize that every step they take individually helps unite all students along the path for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.  We will display their footprints throughout the school.
  • Unity Day:  A culminating spirit day activity will acknowledge "Unity Day" on October 24.  Students and staff will be encouraged to wear the color orange.
  • Buddy Zone:  Students will review how to utilize our buddy zone, which is adjacent to the playground. The concept is shown in this NBC news report.  Buddy Zone/Buddy Bench Video


Students in Mrs. Hoffman's classes created tiny works of art on tiles

Tiny works of art created by fourth-and fifth-grade students in Mrs. Hoffman's art classes are on display at the school.

After learning about the elements and principles of art, the students decorated 2-inch recycled laminate tiles.  The individual mini canvases are resting on tiny easels.

Take a look at all the great designs in the display case near the art room.


Student Arrival

Please be aware that morning supervision of children begins at 8:25 and children may not arrive early unless they participate in a morning school activity that they are scheduled to attend. Information about clubs and activities will be shared with families in the next few weeks. For most activities, the morning arrival time is between 7:50 - 8:00 and never earlier. For families that have conflicts, we suggest making arrangements with trusted neighbors, family members or friends. The office staff cannot supervise children that arrive outside of these times. Thanks for your cooperation.