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Shabonee Newsletter: Return to School on April 12

Dear Shabonee Parents,

It’s been over a full year since we have been able to welcome our students into Shabonee for daily attendance. As eager as we are to bring the kids back to school on April 12, we need your cooperation to continue the success we’ve had to date with our safety practices, especially during arrival and dismissal. Please take a moment to carefully read this communication as it contains several updates and reminders. Your patience and support is greatly appreciated. 

Daily Health Screening

Continue to complete the daily health form before your child arrives at school. This ensures that our morning arrival lines move efficiently. With so many children arriving via car, everyone’s help matters. Talk with your child to have their ID ready to scan upon entrance to Shabonee. This will speed up the wait for others in the line. 

Video and information about the process

Daily Health Questionnaire

The staff continue to instruct students on ways to work at Shabonee to remain safe. We follow the acronym SAFE:

S = Social Distance (3 feet at all times and 6 feet when in the lunchroom) 

A = Always Wear a Mask (It’s a good idea to have a back-up in your child’s backpack)

F = Follow Cleanliness Steps

E = Enter and Exit Appropriately

I encourage you to talk with your child about these important aspects of being at school so that we can keep up our success to maintain healthy and happy classrooms. 

Arrival/Dismissal Processes

There will be a great deal of traffic during arrival and dismissal. Please be patient and follow the established processes. The times will improve as families become used to the updates. Thank you for your increased awareness of students and staff and follow the posted speed limit on school grounds. Stop at the crosswalks and the stop signs along Shabonee Trail. As a reminder, Shabonee Trail is a ONE-WAY from Moon Hill Drive to Pfingsten Road. For the safety of everyone, and in accordance with Illinois law, please refrain from using your cell phone while driving on school grounds. Your undivided attention should be on the safety of ALL our children. 

Arrival (8:15 – 8:40) 

Morning supervision will be available daily beginning at 8:15. This is 10 minutes earlier than normal to accommodate more children via car. Do NOT drop off your child prior to 8:15 as staff is not present to supervise, and children will not have access to the building. Students will be allowed into the building to wait for the first bell beginning at 8:15, when school staff begin morning supervision. When dropping off, please pull as far forward to Door P as possible, regardless of your child's entrance, so that the drop off line can keep moving. The drop-off area is marked in orange on the arrival map. Please use extra caution at all times.

Drop off by Car: 

Children in grade 3 will enter at Door N

Children in grade 4 will enter at Door P. (updated entrance) 

Fifth grade will enter at Door A (Main Entrance) 

Staff will be present at the designated entrances to greet the students. Upon entry, the children will move to the gym (grades 3 & 4) and the flex space (grade 5) where they will maintain at least 3 foot physical distance while waiting for the first bell at 8:40.  

Aerial view of Shabonee School showing arrival procedures

Dismissal (3:15)

THIRD GRADE STUDENTS will be dismissed between DOORS O and P (slight change) on Shabonee Trail. Vehicles should pull up as close to the sidewalk of Door P as possible and wait in line on Shabonee Trail for students to walk to the vehicle. Please do not pull around the line to the front or park along the North side of Shabonee Trail. Remain in your vehicle and students will load as cars pull up. Traffic cones indicate areas for pickup. Please use caution at all times. 

FOURTH GRADE STUDENTS (All new location) will be dismissed behind the school on the blacktop. Buses share this space and should arrive first. Buses have priority so that we can load and depart before the pick up line begins to move. Cars should arrive via Moon Hill Drive and pull around to the back of Shabonee waiting on the RIGHT SIDE of the service drive. Students will load close to the tent. Once children are safely inside the car, vehicles will proceed in the circle marked by cones to exit back onto Moon Hill Drive. Traffic cones indicate areas for pickup. Please use caution at all times. 

FIFTH GRADE STUDENTS will be dismissed from the main entrance Doors A & B. Vehicles will access the main entrance from Pfingsten Road only. Right turns from Shabonee Trail through the parking lot will NOT be allowed during dismissal. If using Shabonee Trail from Moon Hill, please exit on Pfingsten Road and re-enter through the main driveway entrance. Students will wait on the sidewalk in front of the main entrance. Please pull up as far as possible to promote the efficiency of our dismissal protocol. Due to the number of vehicles expected, traffic may need to be double stacked along the entrance and converge to one lane in front of Shabonee for students to load within the designated student loading area. Please use caution at all times. 

The pick-up lines are the preferred method for parental pick-up. Should parents need to park, do so ONLY in the east parking lot located off of Pfingsten Rd, exit your vehicle, and meet your child on the sidewalk. Children are not allowed to cross over to the parking lot without a parent or guardian accompanying them. This is for the safety of the children. School personnel will continue to be available to help supervise students during dismissal and to ensure parents follow safety rules during peak traffic times. Please drive cautiously!

Aerial view of Shabonee School showing dismissal procedures

Sibling Pick-Up 

We realize that families have multiple children attending Shabonee School. We recommend that siblings meet together at one of the dismissal locations, preferably at the location of the youngest child.  

Additional Information 

All of our District 27 websites have a place to learn about the 2020-21 school year, and have a wealth of information to support you and your child. 

I encourage you to talk with your child about physical distancing and what it means to remain 3 to 6 feet apart from others. This is especially important during times of transition. Your support will make a significant difference as your child returns under these new practices. With your cooperation and support, we ensure health and safety for everyone.  

Correction for the Last Day of School  (Wednesday, June 2) 

Initially, in the hybrid model, we were planning on two half days at the end of the year: one for “A” students and one for “B” students. Now that all in-person students attend together, only Wednesday, June 2 will be a half-day of school. Student attendance hours at Shabonee on June 2 will be 9:00 – Noon. 

District Calendar At A Glance  

April 12: Return to daily attendance 

April 23: Teachers’ Institute - No School

May 14: Teachers’ Institute - No School

May 31: Memorial Day - No School

June 1: This will be a full day of school 

June 2: Last Day of School (Half Day from 9:00 - Noon)


If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Shabonee office at (847) 498-4970. 


Dr. John Panozzo and Mrs. Meggan Buchanan