Shabonee Newsletter - Safety Drills, Picture Day, Arrival...

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Shabonee Newsletter - Safety Drills, Picture Day, Arrival...

We look forward to seeing our families tonight at the PTA-sponsored Family Night between 5:00 and 7:00 PM on the blacktop and playground behind Shabonee. Please remember to adhere to all parking regulations and drive cautiously on school grounds where children are at play. 

Required Safety Drills

Each year we are required by the state of Illinois to conduct safety drills. We will practice at least one of each of the following drills: Bus Evacuation, Shelter in Place (Tornado), Evacuation (Fire) and Active Intruder (Lockdown). Over the next month or so, we will be practicing all of the drills. Please reference the safety drill message shared earlier this week by Dr. Deiter. Shabonee children will practice a lockdown drill on September 14. 

Picture Day is Wednesday, September 28

Save the date! Picture order forms have been sent home. A copy of the form is available for download. If your child is absent from school on picture day, they will be able to take pictures on the make-up date.  

Arrival via Car (8:25 – 8:40) 

Now that the school year is well on the way, I wanted to share a reminder and clarification about morning arrival for children in grades 3 & 4 on Shabonee Trail. Third and fourth grade students are dropped off on Shabonee Trail between Doors O and P. Children in grade 3 will enter at Door P. Children in grade 4 will enter at Door O. 

Staff are present at the designated entrances to greet the students. Upon entry, the children will move to their dedicated locations while waiting for the first bell at 8:40. Children may not arrive earlier than 8:25 when supervision begins.

We ask that families pull up as close to Door P as possible so that students can exit the car on the sidewalk along Shabonee Trail and walk to their entrance location. Should you need to park or exit your car, please use the parking lot located at the front of the school and walk your child to their entrance. This keeps the arrival line moving safely and efficiently.  

COVID Testing (reminder) 

Interested in participating in COVID testing with Ravinia Health? Test kits are sent home each Monday and returned back to school each Tuesday. A registration form is required once per school year and a consent form is required each Monday. The tests are free of cost, with or without insurance, for all students and family members who register. When there is no school on Monday, test kits will be sent home on Tuesday and returned to school on Wednesday. Please note – there is a one week delay in testing new registrants. 

Shabonee September Spirit Days

  • 16 - Classroom Choice
  • 23 - Backwards Day
  • 30 - Crazy hair day