Shabonee Newsletter - PBIS Acknowledgement, Report Cards, Lunch Groups, Music Performance...

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Shabonee Newsletter - PBIS Acknowledgement, Report Cards, Lunch Groups, Music Performance...

Thank you

Thank you to all of our veterans for your service to our country.

PBIS Goal Acknowledgement

We did it! Shabonee Dolphins showed it's cool to be kind! After a month-long PBIS school-wide initiative, we have recorded approximately 2,200 acts of kindness. This means it's time to celebrate! On Tuesday, November 15, students are encouraged to bring a towel to use during lunchtime. Students will have the opportunity to have a picnic lunch with friends and classmates to celebrate our kindness and success. It will be a fun celebration with music and friends! 

Confirm your text messaging status

District 27 is requesting that you please confirm your text messaging status for emergency notifications such as inclement weather and snow days. To confirm that you are opted into District 27 text messages, text "Y" or "Yes" to 67587. Contact Tarah O'Connell if you are having any trouble opting in. 

Second Trimester Starts on Monday

Monday begins the second trimester of school. Report cards will be available for download in the Parent Portal on December 2. Both the first and second trimester report cards will be available to parents online. The final report card at the end of the school year will be sent home on paper, and be available in the Parent Portal for download. Information to access the report cards online will be shared in the newsletter next week.   

Updated Lunch Groups on Tuesday

As we move into the second trimester, the lunch/recess rotations will change so that the fifth graders will be back together again, and the fourth grade classes will be split for the lunch and recess period. We’ve found this shared experience of splitting the lunch by trimester works well to balance the need to run an efficient school schedule with maintaining and extending friendships. Also, no grade level is divided for more than a trimester. If your child expresses concern that a friend may have a different recess, please let their teacher know so that we can work to make the short 20-minute recess period enjoyable during the time of transition. We are also promoting the use of the Buddy Bench as a way to help promote friendships and play.

Grade 4 Music performance on November 16

The fourth graders will present Harmony High on Wednesday, November 16. There are two performances, one for the school at 2:15 and another at 7:00 PM in the Shabonee Gym for families. The afternoon performance will be livestreamed for those parents and grandparents that cannot attend in the evening. A link to the stream will appear as a pop-up window shortly before the performance starts. 

The doors will open at 6:40 PM for the 7:00 PM performance. Please do not arrive earlier as the building will not be open. We encourage you to carpool with friends and neighbors because parking tends to fill up for this performance. Park only in dedicated parking spots and use extra caution when entering and leaving school grounds. Parking is available in the main lot located off Pfingsten Road, the alternate lot located off Moon Hill Drive, and overflow parking is available behind the gym once the parking lots are completely filled. You may enter at Doors A, N, or E beginning at 6:40 PM. 

Terra Nova Testing After Thanksgiving 

Terra Nova testing will take place during a portion of the morning from November 29 through December 2. We’ll run a special schedule so that children have comparable time with both of their teachers and content areas on those days. To establish an optimal testing environment, please make every effort to ensure that your child arrives at school on time each of these four days. If at all possible, it is helpful to refrain from scheduling appointments during the morning. Students who arrive late will enter the classroom between tests. Some tests are very short, taking only 15 minutes, while others are about 45 minutes. Thank you for your support and cooperation. The results of these assessments will be sent home in late January.

Whole Body Listening

If your child references “whole body listening,” you might wonder what they mean. Whole body listening is giving different parts of your body a specific job so that you are completely focused on what is being said. It means using parts of your body that the speaker can see, such as the ears, eyes, body, mouth, and hands, as well as those the speaker cannot see, like the brain and heart. Teaching whole body listening helps children take the perspective of others, like teachers or peers, to show that they are listening and part of the group. While using whole body listening, children can become aware of their brains and bodies and ways to help them attend to others. Third grade teachers have placed an emphasis on these skills as the children acclimate to life in school before the pandemic. Families might choose to try whole body listening with their children during dinner conversations or times that are helpful at home. 

  • Eyes: Can I block distractions? 
  • Ears: Am I listening for clues and details? 
  • Mouth: Am I quiet when needed, like when someone else is talking? 
  • Hands/Feet: Am I still when needed? 
  • Brain: Am I listening to what others are saying? 
  • Heart: Am I showing care for the others talking? 

Shabonee Spirit Days

  • 11/18 - Hat Day
  • 11/22 - Thanksgiving or Thankful Theme  
  • 12/2 - Stuffed Animal Day
  • 12/9 - Comfy Day
  • 12/16 - Holiday/Vacation Theme Day