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Shabonee Newsletter 4-16-21

The staff and I want to express our sincere gratitude to all of our parents for your support this week. It was wonderful to watch the kids who have not seen each other for over a year come together and reconnect, even if distanced by three feet. We all want things to return to “normal.” Maintaining the expected health/safety practices will ensure the school remains open, and we take steps forward to achieve this goal. 

We expect in-person students to attend school each day for the rest of the year. The only reason students should synchronously learn from home is due to illness, quarantine, or an emergency. Please work with us to make sure your child is at school. The habit of regular and faithful attendance is a prerequisite to successful school life. When a student is ill and unable to attend school, please call the school office that morning by 8:30 AM to report the absence. If the office staff cannot personally answer the phone call, please leave a message including your child’s name, morning classroom teacher, and the reason for the absence.  

Overall, the return to daily attendance has gone well, and we continue to make some small adjustments and remind parents of some of these critical aspects that support our efforts. 

We’re asking for help from our parents to:

  • Reinforce the idea that children must remain at least three feet away from others at all times, and six feet away during lunch and when their mask is off at recess
  • Arrival: 
    • Complete the daily health credentials 
    • Remind students to charge the Chromebooks each night at home
  • Dismissal: 
    • Walkers will exit the building at Door O or P (Grade 3 & 4) or Door A and B (Grade 5)
    • Siblings meet together at one of the dismissal locations, preferably at the youngest child's location, regardless of the mode to get home.
    • Parking: Those parents that park must exit their car in the parking lot located off Pfingsten Road and meet their child at the crosswalk. With so much traffic in the parking lot, we do not allow children to walk without being accompanied by an adult. Cars may not see a child. This practice of walking with an adult increases the safety of everyone (drivers and pedestrians). The car line remains the preferred pickup practice rather than parking. 
    • Grade 4 pick up line: Please wait for the cars in front of you to pull away and continue to follow the line around the cones to turn around. Pulling out in the line poses a risk of an accident.  

Daily Health Screening

Continue to complete the daily health form before your child arrives at school. This ensures that our morning arrival lines move efficiently. With so many children arriving via car, everyone’s help matters. Please talk with your child to have their ID ready to scan upon arrival. This will speed up the wait for others. The district is sending a daily email reminder about this practice. 

Video and information about the process

Daily Health Questionnaire

Reminder: Headphones Are Needed for School

Now that the children are back fully, we want to remind you that children are expected to have a working set of headphones at school for the variety of learning that takes place. With the return to daily attendance, this is as important as ever. Please check with your child to make sure they have a working set. An inexpensive set for school is all that's needed. 

District Calendar At A Glance  

April 23: Teachers’ Institute - No School

May 14: Teachers’ Institute - No School

May 31: Memorial Day - No School

June 1: Update: This will be a full day of school 

June 2: Last Day of School (Half Day)