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Thank you to our families for your support and attendance at parent-teacher conferences this past week. We appreciate your collaborative efforts to help our students achieve success. Please feel free to follow-up with any of our staff throughout the academic year. We are committed to working with you to benefit the children.

Our PBIS efforts have focused on the theme of “kindness” throughout the month as we kicked off our first anti-bully lesson and practiced many acts of kindness. Next Wednesday, October 24 is Unity Day and Shabonee students may support our bully prevention efforts by wearing something orange to school. Unity Day, the signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month, has been recognized in the United States since 2011. We hope to show our support and come together as a school to prevent bullying.


5th Grade Jumpstart Band and Orchestra performance

The 5th Grade Jumpstart Band and Orchestra performance is coming up on Tuesday, October 23 at 7:00 PM. The program will include a demonstration of the rehearsal process and the pieces we have learned this fall. We look forward to sharing the music learning process with you!

All fifth graders should arrive at 6:45 PM to door A (main entrance).

  • Band students should go to the stage and parents can be seated in the gym.
  • Orchestra students and parents should go to the Flex Space (gym closest to the office).


3rd Grade Music Performance “Rock and Roll Forever-How it All Began” on Tuesday, November 6 at 7:00 PM

A wop bop a loo bop a wop bam boom!  Celebrate how it all began with some of the biggest rock and roll stars ever to assemble at Shabonee School. From Elvis “the King,” Little Richard and James Brown to The Beach Boys and The Beatles, we guarantee you’ll want to swoon and croon right along, because rock and roll is here to stay! Now let’s get on with the “shoo!”

Doors will open at 6:40 PM, at which time third grade performers may report to their morning classrooms to meet their teachers. Siblings that attend the performance must remain seated with their parents in the gym at all times. We look forward to a wonderful evening together.

Thank you for adhering to our parking guidelines for evening events. Please only park in designated parking stalls. There are parking lots to the east and west of Shabonee.  


Picture Retakes on November 7

Picture retakes will take place in the morning on November 7. Please follow the instructions provided in your picture packets for additional information if your child needs to retake photos.


Margaret Peterson Haddix Upcoming Author Visit on November 7

Mystery and suspense author Margaret Peterson Haddix will be visiting Shabonee School on Wednesday, November 7th!  Haddix will be presenting about her work and process as a professional writer. Read more about Haddix on her website,

Haddix will be signing her books on the day of the visit. Students are welcome to bring in their own copies of books by Haddix to be signed. Orders through the Book Bin have now closed. 


Halloween - Wednesday, October 31 (Reminder)

To help with your planning for those children that choose to participate, please refer to the letter that children brought home for complete details about this special day. Children will be allowed to wear costumes to school. However, the success of this day is contingent upon parental cooperation and we rely on your support to keep this day focused on academics while still having some fun.  

Some things to consider when planning your child's costume for school:

  • Costumes must abide by our school dress code.
  • Costumes should not limit vision or interfere with instruction and learning. This includes face masks that may only be worn during the parade and classroom party.
  • Choose a costume that your child can take on and off (for bathroom purposes, lunch, Physical Education, etc.) on their own without help.
  • Limit the amount of make-up, hair spray, etc. that the children will have to wear all day.  Children will NOT be allowed to "touch-up" during the school day so please save these extras for events after school.  
  • Weapons of any kind (real or fake) are not allowed in school.
  • Costumes promoting violent themes are not allowed in school.
  • Rollerblades or skates are not permitted.
  • Food should not be part of the costume or classroom celebration.
  • Group costumes should not be worn at school as they promote exclusion of other students. This is one area where we really need parental support to make this a positive experience for everyone. Without the support of parents, the concept of dressing up for school is in jeopardy.


Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! The staff greeted children on Wednesday with open arms as we launched the new school year. We have been working all summer to prepare and we look forward to sharing more with parents at Curriculum Night on August 29.

Friday was an especially exciting day at Shabonee as we launched our PBIS SWIM (Show Respect, We’re Responsible, and I’M Kind) lessons. Children and staff participated in a series of interactive activities to proactively teach our expectations throughout the building and set a tone that helps children be successful at school. This was a fun way to engage the students in helping to keep Shabonee a safe and happy place to learn and grow. I’ve included additional information below for those who would like to learn more.

Parent SWIM Intro Letter

SWIM lesson overview

Thank you to our families for your cooperation and support during arrival and dismissal. Student safety remains our first priority. The drop off and pick up lines have been running well as we got started. Dismissal on Wednesday and Thursday was completed in about 15 minutes and we will continue to improve this time over the next few weeks. As a reminder, if you have children at multiple grade levels, please use the line that works best for your family if picking up children by vehicle. Also, if you need to exit your vehicle, park in the east parking lot located off Pfingsten Road, exit the car, and meet your child at the crosswalk in front of Shabonee where a crossing guard is present. We do not allow children to walk unsupervised through the parking lot because vehicles might not see small children during this busier time of day. Please remember to drive cautiously and safely on school grounds at all times while adhering to all traffic signs. Student safety is everyone’s responsibility.


Curriculum Night, Wednesday, August 29

We look forward to seeing all of our parents at curriculum night on Wednesday. A schedule for the evening was included in the first day packet and is also listed below. Parking is limited and I encourage you to carpool with friends and neighbors. Only park in designated parking stalls. Overflow parking is available on the blacktop behind the gym after parking spaces in the east and west lots have been filled. Parking in the fire lane or non-designated spots may result in a violation from the Northbrook Police Department.

6:00 – 6:25 PM

  • Parents of children receiving resource, social work, or speech and language support are invited to meet with their child’s service providers in the SDR (Staff Development Room 107/108).
  • Parents of students receiving ELL services invited to meet with Mrs. O’Shea in room 149.  

6:30 - 7:10 PM

  • Grade 3: Parents may join Mr. Panozzo, Mrs. Buchanan and specials area teachers in the Flex Space for a general session.
  • Grade 4 & 5: Parents should report to their child’s morning classroom. Parents will then have an opportunity to visit their child’s afternoon classroom and teacher.

7:20 – 8:00 PM

  • Grade 3: Parents should report to their child’s morning classroom. Parents will then have an opportunity to visit their child’s afternoon classroom and teacher.
  • Grade 4 & 5: Parents may join Mr. Panozzo, Mrs. Buchanan and specials area teachers in the Flex Space for a general session.


Parent/School Communications

We value the strong home-school partnership that we have in District 27. Next to high quality instruction in the classroom, our partnership stands as one of the most significant factors in a child’s education. We want to ensure that we have an open and highly collaborative relationship with all our parents and that our communication is strong. In addition, we want to address any concerns you may have over the course of the year in a positive, constructive, and reasoned manner. Please reference our practice by clicking here and taking a moment to read this document.


Math Extensions

The Math Extensions program is a one day per week pullout program that takes place during the math block for students who qualify for math enrichment. The program serves a very small population of students who meet the program criteria. All students are screened at every grade level for potential placement in the program. Students will be identified for participation in Math Extensions in mid to late September after fall assessments have been given and our data team reviews student progress with the classroom teachers. Children who qualify for the program will be contacted by the math teacher. Additional information about math content, the placement process, and program criteria can be found by clicking here.