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Shabonee Newsletter 6-7-19

The last day of school for Shabonee students is Monday, June 10 from 8:45 AM to 11:45 AM. There is no lunch period and buses will run their typical routes following dismissal. Report cards will come home with the children on Monday. If your child is absent, the report card will be mailed home. 

As the students and staff embark on the summer hiatus, I want to thank all of our families and staff for their collaboration to help our young students succeed at school. It is through our shared commitment that we achieve success and happiness for the children. I also want to thank our very dedicated and generous PTA members for all of their support. The classroom celebrations, family nights, hot lunch program, and many special events and activities that take place help bring our community together and provide children with exciting opportunities to extend their learning and social well-being. The PTA volunteers give their time to make these activities happen, and we are truly grateful for the strong relationships we have established. On behalf of all the Shabonee staff, we want to wish everyone a wonderful summer!

We look forward to seeing our incoming third, fourth, and fifth graders on Wednesday, August 21 for the first day of school. As a reminder, teacher information will be available through the Infinite Campus system about a week before school begins in August. We will also send a mailing of other essential items to start the school year. Please reference the school website for additional information and news as it becomes available throughout the summer, and especially as the start of school draws near.


Reflex Math Open Through July

Math fact fluency refers to the ability to recall the basic facts in multiplication and division accurately, quickly, and effortlessly.  When children gain automaticity with these facts, they have attained mastery that allows them to recall them without conscious effort or attention. Children who have gained the fluency can devote their working memory to problem-solving and learning new concepts and skills. When a child has not gained the fluency, it hinders progress with problem-solving as the child is using the working memory to compute the operation instead. To help support your child’s fluency growth, the district has extended the Reflex Math membership through July 31, 2019. Your child will be able to log into his/her account even though the school year has ended. As a parent, you can login using your child’s information to check on his/her progress. This will help to support your child’s transition to the next grade. If your child has difficulty using the program, please feel free to use flashcards or other online resources.