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Shabonee Newsletter 1-15-21

Hybrid Learning Resumes  on 1/19/21

We’re excited for the children to return to school next week on the A/B rotation. I want to ask all our parents to remind the students about the steps we implemented in the fall to remain safe at school. These reminders must be established for the safety and well-being of everyone at Shabonee. 

S = Social distance - remain at least 6 feet apart at all times

A = Always wear a mask (tight-fitting covering the nose and mouth)

F = Follow cleanliness steps (wash hands often, use hand sanitizer)

E = Enter & exit appropriately (complete the morning health certification, temperature check, and arrival practices - remember the ID badges for entrance to school)

I shared this presentation created by the PBIS Universal Team in the fall with families to help convey SAFE concepts. As the pandemic continues, we must rely on our families' collaborative efforts to support each other to be proactive and safe at school.  

Self-Certification Health Questionnaire

As a reminder, a Self-Certification Health Questionnaire must be completed each morning for every student attending school in-person. The questionnaire asks if your child or anyone in the household has been diagnosed with COVID-19, been in close contact, or is experiencing symptom onset. We also require that any student who has traveled outside of suburban Cook County, as outlined by the CCDPH, for more than 24 hours, quarantines for 14 days from the date they returned home. Children may login to school remotely during quarantine and return to the hybrid model when safe to do so. This is for the safety of everyone. Simply contact the school office and teachers to let us know. 

The District 27 website has a great deal of information for families for the 2020-21 school year, including information about safety practices. We must work together to help the children remain safe so that we can keep school open. 

Returning Library Books

Please remember to return borrowed books from the school or classroom library. Books do not have to come back all at once. Rather, trickle them back a few at a time over the coming week or two. Boxes will be placed near classrooms to collect and quarantine the books. Boxes are also placed inside the main entrance vestibule Door A if parents want to drop them off. 

Families of fully remote students: 

The next remote pick up will take place on 1/21 from 4:00 - 5:30 following the same process used in previous pick up dates in the fall at Door A (main entrance). 

Parent-Teacher Conferences: February 3, 4, & 5 (Reminder)

Parent-teacher conferences are coming up in a few weeks. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to review your child’s educational progress with his/her teachers. Conferences are 15 minutes long, and both teachers will be present for the individual conference. Meetings will take place virtually via Zoom, consistent with the practice from the fall. 

Registration for parent-teacher conferences will take place online for classroom teachers at Shabonee. You will be able to register anytime between 9:00 AM on January 21 and 4:00 PM on January 29. A link to the website to register for Parent-Teacher conferences can be found on the Shabonee website, as well as the District web page, In order to maintain secure registrations, each student is given an individual Student ID Number and Password. This information will be emailed to you. Please have these with you when you register and keep this information secure.

Conferences with special area teachers such as PE, Art, and Music, as well as support staff such as social workers, reading specialist, or resource teachers will continue to be scheduled through each staff member on an individual basis. Please contact these staff members directly should you wish to have a conference with them. 

Valentine’s Day (Reminder)

The PTA sponsored classroom Valentine celebrations will take place on Thursday, February 11 from 2:35 - 3:05 at the end of the afternoon.  

Children may bring Valentine cards as long as they include everyone in their class. We hope to maintain this tradition and allow the kids some normalcy. Teachers will be collecting the cards to quarantine in the classroom before distributing them the following week. If children have friends in other classes, the distribution of those cards should take place outside of school since they won’t be able to visit other rooms. Teachers will share class lists so that children remember all the students in the A/B groups. Please do not include candy, even as part of the card, to maintain our safety practices and encourage healthy eating. Thank you for your cooperation in making the parties a happy and safe occasion for everyone.  

Group A: Bring cards to school on 2/10

Group B: Bring cards to school on 2/11

Families of fully remote students may drop off cards at the school office before 2/11, and we will include cards for them in a future pick up.