Tug of War

Field Day at Shabonee

Field day activities are normally held the day before the last day of school. Mrs. Metzinger's class and Mrs. Schwartz's class played tug of war. Thank to Mr. Schaefer, Mr. Driscoll and Mr. Michaels for setting up these games.

Gaga Ball pit and 4 square

Some of the games the students played are Gaga Ball, 4 square, kickball and hallway bowling.

Relay race and knockout

Two fifth grade classes played tic tac toe relay and two fourth grade classes played knockout. Thank you to the parent volunteers for helping with Field Day.


Wall Art

Shabonee has some new artwork hanging above the lockers in the hallway near the front office.


The full-size cutouts of children were decorated by each of the fifth grade classes and represent the work of noted artists. Here, Mrs. Keene helps direct Mr. Keith on the location of one of the art pieces.


These are all the pieces of art that are now hanging on the wall.


Fourth Grade Music

The fourth grade choir performs for the audience during the school presentation of the fourth grade music program.

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